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Functional Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Functional Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

March 7, 2019

What are some functional kitchen remodeling ideas you can do?

  1. Bring in more sunlight
  2. Add more steel
  3. Sprinkle in a French flair
  4. Try some ornamental glasswork


When turning your new house into a place you can call home, you typically have to work with home improvement contractors. While they have more knowledge than the average person and have plans on their own, their services would be incomplete with the input of the homeowner.

When it comes to reconstructing your living space, the kitchen is one of the most important areas you should focus on. After all, it is where you cook your meals while bonding with your family. To make your kitchen better after the construction project, these are the different functional remodeling ideas you can talk about with the contractors.


Bring in more sunlight

Bring in more sunlight

You and your family probably stay in the kitchen during the mornings to make breakfast and in the afternoons just to hang out. A great way to make your cooking schedules more fun is by letting more sunlight into the room.

Natural light can give you and your family physical and mental health benefits. Just seeing it for 30 minutes a day will ensure a good night sleep later on and full concentration when it comes to your tasks. On the other hand, your mental state improves after seeing sunlight because it boosts your body’s production of a chemical called serotonin — a seasonal affective depression fighter. Lastly, letting more natural light into your kitchen can help you reduce your energy costs by 30%.

A good way to bring let more natural light into your home is by asking home improvement contractors to replace your old window frame with a garden style one while they remodel.

A garden window is bigger than the normal window because instead of being a flat plane, it protrudes with four sides. In fact, the top, left, and right parts all have a glass panel each. Because of this fact, the light comes in all 4 directions, brightening your room.

If you ever choose to install a garden window, it is best to ask contractors to place it over the sink and countertop since these are usually the darkest parts of the kitchen.


Add more steel

Add more steel

Adding steel in different forms in every room in your home is a modern interior design style that has become more popular in recent years.

An easy way to add metal into your kitchen is by asking for black steel grilles for your windows from windows contractors during your new home construction. These grilles are applied to your windows for aesthetic purpose as these form small squares out of your window pane.

Metal, normally meant for construction, has become more popular as interior decoration of sorts because it is a visual contrast to the more traditionally-used wood material. Metal window grilles will look best in a kitchen with lightly-colored windows such as white or creme.


Sprinkle in a French flair

French style doors are always a great addition to any household because they are timeless. During the Renaissance period, the French decided to incorporate the values of that time into their window work; proportion, symmetry, lighting. These values have since inspired the manufacturers of this European-styled doors to this day.

When it comes to adding doors with French flair into your kitchen, you have two options.

Patio doors

Sliding patio doors were created as a passageway between the indoors and outdoors of your home. With this in your kitchen, entertaining guests becomes much easier because you can bring fresh food to the patio right away. At the same time, your friends can also check on you whenever you are cooking.

These doors can also help you save money because it can have an effect on cooling your home. Whenever it gets hot in the kitchen, you can simply slide the patio doors open to allow fresh air to come in.

Swing doors

Instead of sliding, these patio doors swing inwards or outwards when opened. Because it does this action, it will need more space than a sliding patio door if you choose the one the swings inside your home.


Try some ornamental glasswork

Try some ornamental glasswork

Glass panes with ornamental designs can add artistry which will be greatly appreciated by your family and guests. They add in light while obscuring the shapes outside in different ways depending on the patterns applied to them during the manufacturing process.


Reed glass is composed of horizontally or vertically laned convex ridges across the surface of the glass plane. This is meant for homeowners who want to add symmetry to their kitchen. It looks especially great on sliding doors.

Glue Chip

Glue chip glass panes are made to have fern-looking or frost-looking textured patterns throughout the whole surface. These special patterns are actually dried glue which is applied to sandblasted glass.

Homeowners typically favor it for its elegant looking appearance.

Delta Frost

With its frosted ice-like design, delta frost glass can make your kitchen look more professional and luxurious than usual.

You have the option of choosing any of these designs, in non-colored and colored options for your new home construction.


Key Takeaway

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in any home. It would only make sense to make it look the best it can during the reconstruction of your home. With these functional remodeling ideas, contractors will have a better idea of what your ideal kitchen is.

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