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When Is It Time to Get Your Windows Replaced?

When Is It Time to Get Your Windows Replaced?

February 21, 2019

When is it time to get your windows replaced?

  1. There is storm damage
  2. You want to lower energy bills
  3. There is rotting
  4. It is old


When it comes to windows, replacement companies can change your windows in two ways. One, they will only replace the sashes, side jabs, and trims if the original framing is sound. If it is not, the installers will resort to changing your old window to a new construction window which is more expensive. The companies will choose the method, depending on how they assess the issues at your home.

If you have been thinking of getting your windows replaced, these are the different signs that it is time.


There is storm damage

There is storm damage

Storms can damage your windows because of flooding and strong winds, especially if you choose to keep them open while the bad weather was occurring. Leaking flood waters will require you to replace your windows because it often ruins its foundation. After the rains have stopped, you may notice that the frames can become distorted in many ways. This results in windows that are hard to open. This is most likely because the wood material of the frame has started to swell from the water-buildup. On the other hand, your window has become stuck because it has become clogged.

Wind, on the other hand, will damage your windows by breaking the glass.


You want to lower energy bills

You want to lower energy bills

A damaged window can indirectly increase your energy bills because it often results in poor air circulation. With this type of window in your home, excessive amounts of cold air or hot air can escape to the outside. Thus, when winter comes, you have to use more heat than usual. If its summer, you need to turn on the air conditioning just to escape the excess heat. Both instances can leave you paying for more electricity. If you’ve noticed an increase in your power bill by over by 30% in the last 6 months, it might be time to replace your old windows with energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows stand out from others by making use of low-E (low emissivity) glass. This glass is structured to prevent both UV and infrared light from entering your home while still allowing plenty of sunlight in. It also disperses and scatters the sunlight inside your home, increasing the area it illuminates. By accomplishing this action, your windows are also able to regulate your property’s temperature.

Low-E glass has a coating and it has two types, hard and soft.

Hard-Coat Glass

Hard coat low-E coating has to be applied at a very high temperature to reach its physical state and to allow the manufacturers to spray it onto the glass window. The two main advantages it has over its low coat counterpart is its ability to take in multiple design accessories and that it is much more durable.

Hard-coat glass will work best if your home is in a cool climate because some of the sun’s short-waved infrared energy can still pass through. Your home will consistently stay warm.

Soft-Coat Glass

The soft-coat glass is less durable than its hard-coat counterpart, but it is the more energy efficient window between the two since no amount of UV energy can absolutely pass through unlike the latter. Thus, you may save even more money with this since the indoor temperature will absolutely stay constant.


There is rot

Rotting in your window occurs because of mold — a result of moisture buildup in your window. Usually, this occurs because water has been leaking into your home without you knowing.

Mold rot is a problem that is fundamentally hard to fix because it develops quickly after 24 hours of the water build up that has occurred. You have to keep cleaning it or else the fungi will keep growing, and this can be very time-consuming. Sometimes, it is easier to just replace your window.


It is old

It is old

A window, according to window replacement companies, has reached the end of its life if you’ve kept it for 15 years. After being used for more than a decade, your windows have developed problems that can be expensive to repair, including inoperable sashes and cracked glass. The sash is a key component of your window because it holds the different part of the windows together. Its function may have been destroyed over time because paint made it stick to the frame or it has loosened over time.


Key Takeaway

Window replacement, though sometimes costly, will help you immensely in the long run. It can fix different problems in your home caused by weather, poor air circulation, water, and age. Thus, you should the different signs showing it is time for yours to be replaced.

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