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Window Replacement Companies: What to look for in New Window Installations

Window Replacement Companies: What to look for in New Window Installations

March 6, 2019

What should you look for in new window installations?

  1. UV Protection
  2. Hire a trustworthy installer
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Style


When your window has finally broken down due to factors such as old age, it is time to call in window replacement companies to install a new one for you. Before you do so, these are the different qualities to look out for in new window installations.


UV Protection

UV Protection

UV protection is an additional option you can ask for during installation from window replacement companies, and it is usually done through the addition of a UV Film.

Adding UV protection to your future windows can bring you and your family a lot of benefits.

Interior furnishings will last longer

Sofas and chairs can degrade from exposure to sunlight. It can change the color of the material and either lighten or darken it. The colors of your carpet fabrics can also lose their vibrancy because the chemical bonds of the dye break down. This reaction can also make the material break more easily.

Protection from skin cancer

Overexposure to the sun’s rays can lead to you and your family developing skin cancer

Preventing heat gain

Infrared radiation can increase the temperature of your home during the summer by passing through your window. A UV protection film can prevent that.


Hire a trustworthy installer

Since you are technically letting in a stranger into your home, it is important to know you were able to hire a trustworthy installer. If you already have an installer in mind, these are the things he or she should have. If the person does, then this installer is someone you can rely on.

  • Professional license
  • Worker’s compensation insurance and comprehensive liability insurance from their employer
  • Customer’s referrals
  • Workmanship warranty


Energy Efficiency

Window replacement companies allow you the option to install energy efficient windows instead of your regular ones.

Energy efficient windows are for homeowners who want to have windows that will help cut their electrical bill down. Usually, old and faulty windows can make you use air conditioning more often in the summer because it makes your home poorly insulated. Insulation allows your house to stay cool, even if the air conditioner is turned off, by allowing air to flow through your home.

Additionally, an old window prevents you from having a cool home by allowing heat to enter through the cracks, especially if you are unable to fully close it.





This window slides up vertically up and down in the frame. It has two sashes that are operable. Both frames hold the glass window pane inside. The double-hung window is favored by many because it is easy to clean. You can even do so from the inside of your home.


While it also has a sash on top and on the bottom like the double-hung window, only the bottom is operable. The single-hung window is resistant to most weathers since the top part cannot be moved, and this means water or other environmental factors will have a hard time leaking into your home.


Garden windows, because of their design and function, are usually installed in the kitchen. It essentially has the shape of a box. You have an operable window on the front, but the ones on the top, left, and right are not. Because it has more than one pane, more light enters a garden window which allows you to grow plants here.


Casement windows are attached to your home through a hinge on the side of the window frames itself. Because of this mechanism, you can open them casement windows in a swinging motion.

The main advantage of a casement window is that its design allows you to open the window in a wide angle. Since it also has fewer muntins holding the glass, there are fewer obstructions blocking your view. Lastly, it will give your home the tightest security because its locks are hook-shaped, thus, untouchable.


Like casement windows, you can also open them by swinging. The only difference is that the glass opens upward since it is attached to hinge on the top part of the window frame.

Awning windows, unlike the other styles, need to be installed high up in your home. More air near the ceiling can enter your home, and you can open them during strong rains since water cannot enter a window that high.


Stationary or picture windows are meant to act as decorations for the house’s walls. These tend to also be larger compared to other styles. Thus, more light enters your home and you have a bigger view of the outside. Lastly, it can help you save money by not allowing warm air to enter your home.


Key Takeaway

If you re thinking of having a new window installed, there are a lot of things to look out for. You have the choice to ask from companies for your new window to have added UV protection, be more energy efficient, and have a completely different style from your old one.

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