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A Practical and Informative Look to Garden Window Replacements

February 15, 2019

You’ll almost never see a house without a set of windows. It’s a big part of the house both in design and functionality. It makes the house feel more inviting while also adding a way for air to breeze through the house. Most of the time, homeowners just settle with standard windows without much thought and when they start to understand how important they are, then will they look for appropriate window replacement companies.

Garden windows are one of these undermined yet very useful windows. Garden windows are a type of window that is usually found in front of the kitchen sink, though sometimes it can be found in other parts of the house as well. A lot of people have them installed just because they look cool from the outside, but when you think of it, garden windows are a special type of window that will revolutionize your home when you find a place that really needs it.

As long as you find the most appropriate area for your garden window (preferably in front of the kitchen sink, or in one of the bedrooms), then you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice!

What are Garden Windows

What are Garden Windows?

These windows are designed to extend outward from its base frame. It’s typically shaped like a box with the topmost window in an incline. The garden window can be constructed so that all three sides can be opened, but typically, only the largest window—the one that’s in front that can be opened.

When used as a replacement, garden windows can make a tremendous difference to the atmosphere it can be found. Many people consider garden windows as just another pretty alternative to your normal window, but they actually have a few effects to the places it’s installed in!

Keep in mind, however, that garden windows are different from bay windows. Many homeowners that choose between garden windows and bay windows might think that they’re basically the same, but based on the design features alone, these two are different.

Bay windows and garden window are similar in very specific features. First, they both extend outward—giving more space on the inside and acting as a design feature of the house. Second, the protrusion acts more like an extra table or space for select items. Bay windows would usually serve as a small, extra table with a vase or two, while a garden window, is the perfect place to put up a small potted garden!

Garden windows, on the other hand, protrude on the spot. They are more likened to a box with an angle at the very top. Some designs enable all three windows to be opened but garden windows only have the largest window capable of being opened. Garden windows are mostly found near kitchen sinks, sometimes even in bathrooms—though this is a rare occurrence.

Bay windows are composed of a center-fixed window and two venting windows on either side. They basically look like an angled concave. It typically has 3 openings. This window can easily be visualized by putting together three windows side-by-side, with the two windows on the side much smaller than the middle one. The typical angle of the window panes is at 25-degrees. Bay windows are oftentimes found by living rooms or bedrooms to add a modern look to any space both inside and outside of the house.

Installing garden windows can bring about quite a few benefits particular to the homeowner. Of all the different kinds of windows, this is the best to put in your kitchen. In essence, garden windows are inexpensive to install but the investment can definitely pay for itself. Take a look at the list of benefits below.

  • Design – Chances are, as homeowners, you would want your home to be as beautiful as it can be—and that means ditching the plain designs of simple windows. When put in your kitchen, garden windows can be slid to open let the breeze come in. Garden windows are very distinct, and they add a unique sense of finesse to your home.
  • Decorative – the space that a garden window provides is the best place to put a few potted plants. It’s a great way of ensuring that running water from the sink won’t get wasted. The extra space adds another area in which you can put your own design. Aside from potted plants, you can also add things such as figurines, bobbles or simply leave it empty and focus on the view it provides!
  • Gardening – speaking of potted plants, the garden window is the best place where you can set aside a small garden for fresh herbs. If you’re someone that’s into these kinds of things, then this is one of the best uses of your garden window!
  • Lighting – a garden window is composed of 4 panes of glass. So as long as the sun is shining, you’re guaranteed great, natural lighting by the premises of your garden window!

These are just some of the few things the typical homeowner can think of when pondering whether get a garden window replacement, however, to be more specific, this kind of window is one of the best options for you to make the most of your space at home.

Why Should You Choose to Have Garden Window Replacements

Why Should You Choose to Have Garden Window Replacements?

What then, sets garden windows apart from other types of windows? Among the many kinds of windows, garden windows are probably the most appropriate ones to put in front of your kitchen sink, or anywhere near your kitchen in that manner, solely because of how it’s designed. There are a number of points that make garden windows a good choice for your home, especially in the Philippines. Take a look at the advantages that garden windows can bring to your home!

  • Energy Efficiency

Many garden windows are designed to make the most of what is naturally provided. For example, the window panes tend to be large and uninhibited so that sunlight can get through, but the heat can’t. This means you won’t be needing to turn on the light for the majority of the day just to have a clear view of what you’re doing in the kitchen.

Aside from that, the window panes open in a way that makes it easy for the wind to enter while preventing rain from entering with it. Conversely, it acts as great ventilation when the air inside your home starts becoming stagnated.

  • More Space

While installed in front of the kitchen sink, you can turn the space provided by the garden window as a small garden, or a placeholder for cleaning materials, leaving more space on the kitchen countertop for other, more important utensils and appliances.

When installed in other rooms across your home, it basically creates additional shelf space for your books, vases, or other items. Some larger garden windows can act as window seats that are great places for reading or simply hanging out!

  • Easy Installation

Although most people would think that installing unique windows such as garden window replacements is hard and complicated, it’s not necessarily the case for every installation. Installing garden windows, for example, is extremely simple because most of the time, there are easy-to-install kits that can easily fit into any existing window space! Other than that, custom garden windows are just made and installed directly—without much other construction to deal with.

  • Room Refreshment

By adding a garden window, you can easily make any part of your house more vibrant and refreshing without spending much on major renovations. Installing garden windows can easily make your home a bit more inviting than by relying on the normal, somewhat boring windows. Placing the garden window in front of you’re the kitchen sink is a great way of making your home feel that much homier and inviting to other people!

  • Resale Value

Adding garden windows is one of the most effective ways to increase your home’s resale value if ever you’re considering selling it. Installing a garden window is considered a personal touch that a lot of buyers really love. Keep in mind that investing in a garden window is fairly inexpensive and it will definitely pay off in the long run when you sell your home!

  • Easy Viewing

Garden windows provide a greater view of the outside of your home. They give a better peripheral viewing of your yard or the scenery you have outside of your home while you do your thing indoors.

Garden windows provide something that most other windows don’t even come close to giving—a small yet convenient space for select applications. This is why it’s great specifically for the area in front of the kitchen sink. In truth, there are many other reasons that many homeowners can come up with on their own to choose garden windows over other types, however, the points mentioned above are the most common among all of them.

Decorating Garden Windows

Decorating Garden Windows

Now, for those who already have a garden window but aren’t really sure what to do with them, then here are a few things that you can do to make the most out of that garden window. It’s important to remember that these garden windows are oftentimes small and can be likened to a small storage compartment. That being said, the fact that It’s a window and is protruding out of your home makes for a lot of unique setups.

  • Your Own Mini Herb Garden – one of the things that were mentioned in a previous point was that you can use the window as a place to set up your own garden of potted plants. But how exactly would you do that? You can be as simple as possible and just place a few pots by the window, or you can make it unique and make use of the whole space—including the areas
  • Screw in some nails and hooks so that you can let plants dangle at the top of your window. You can also install a small stand so that you can have two or three levels of potted plants hanging by the window! Be careful, however, as this will limit the sunlight that enters the room, especially if you decide to dedicate it solely to your mini garden.
  • Personal Safe Space – typical garden windows are small, but chances are a child, or a small adult would fit there—given that there’s ample space within the house for it to serve as a window seat. When you have a garden window that is larger than usual, you can use it as a great place to meditate, just sit around to read a book, or simply Place some cushions and a blanket or two, then add on a small curtain to help for when the sunlight is a little too much.
  • Treat It as a Shelf for your Collection – if you have some trinkets that you value that are safe when putting in direct sunlight, then you can use the garden window a compartment to both store and display your things safely! It’s one thing to have a collection, but it’s a really cool experience to have it displayed for people both in and out of your house to see!

Get Only the Best Garden Window Replacements with B&W LLC

If you’re tired of your subpar and normal-looking window, then it might be best for you to get a garden window for a replacement! These types of windows are great for making your home feel fresher and more inviting than it used to be. It’s also perfect for your kitchen but can really be used anywhere in your home!

The home improvement contractors here at B&W LLC will be more than happy to provide you with only the finest quality and custom-made garden windows that will not only perfectly fit your house but will also provide everything that you’re looking for in a window and more!

For more information about why a garden window is the best option for your home, click here to check out our website!

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