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What to Look for in Window Replacement Companies

What Should You Look for in Window Replacement Companies

February 15, 2019

Home improvement contractors specialize in renovating the homes of people by installing new changes to their structures like windows and doors.

Helping homeowners by assigning credible people who can do the installation for them is the job of these companies. Because it can be risky to do if you are untrained, professionals are up to the task of doing this for homeowners. Efficient window replacement companies should also give them different service options based on their budget. It is also imperative that they give them glass and frames options for them to choose from based on preference.

Yet, these are the just basics of what a window replacement company should be. It is just the bare minimum. When you are thinking of hiring their contractors for your home, then these are the different things you should be looking out for as well.

Good Customer Service


Good Customer Service

Good customer service is important in all types of service-related industries, especially window replacement companies.

It is the process where it is guaranteed that loyal buyers are being satisfied with the services. This can be achieved by collecting their feedback through a phone call, SMS, email, and online messaging. Additionally, starting relationships with them in a good foot by always asking what they look for in terms of window replacement before contractors actually enter a home.

Thus, these are the different ways to ensure customers that the company is providing good customer service every single day.


Dedicates Time to Building Relationships

Long-term relationships with customers should go beyond a one-time purchase, and good window replacement companies will take time to build them.

Prioritizing the growth of a relationship with customers is essential because a company understands that buyers are their greatest assets. They are the lifeblood of the brand.

Taking the time to get closer with them by mainly communicating with them on a regular basis is not enough. There should also be promotions about services, discounts, products offerings through email and an increased visibility in search engines so companies can easily found by customers. Additionally, these companies can ask customers for regular feedback on the brand through a phone call.


Resolve Issues Quickly

As customers, you only deserve the best customer service and one of the best ways to achieve that is by resolving the issues you have with our brands as quickly as possible.

Commonly, buyers call window replacement companies about these problems:

● Rotting frames
● Air Leaks
● Weather Strips
● Broken Spring Pins
● Broken Tilt Pins

When these complaints are raised, it is best that it is resolved quickly by doing these steps. First, listen until the customer is done talking and do so hospitably. Afterward, companies should fire back questions about their statements. All of these questions are aimed at getting a further understanding of the situation of clients and getting a clear picture of the complaint.

Lastly, the results will give a satisfying resolution to clients by informing them about the different ways that the company can solve their window problem. Once they agree to a suggestion, then that is only when it is considered that the issue is resolved. Resolving can help a company with their relationship with clients because this establishes trust in a deeper way.


Takes the Extra Step

When a company takes the extra step, they will simply do things beyond what the customers state they need from them.

Taking the extra step with all customers can depend on their individual needs, and doing these certain action takes a lot of deliberation. In fact, before doing more than what is expected, companies take these factors into account during planning;

● Knowledge of customers’ needs and wants basing on prior interactions
● Troubleshooting errors from the past
● Current trends

Takes the Extra Step

All customers will inevitably have window types different from one another due to different house styles and their own preferences. Depending on your requirements, you can even use this for many areas of your home like a garden window replacement. Thus, you need to make sure that employees are able to do these different types of window installations.


Full-frame window installations refer to the replacement of the entire window frame and sash. It is a very extensive and expensive process because all the window parts and doors are removed. Additionally, everything is taken out so that contractors can inspect different problems that need fixing; wall rot, weather, and water-related damage.

As a window replacement company, they will do full-frame window installation by first fixing the problems after removing the whole window. Afterward, they will pick the most energy-efficient frame that will fit the old opening. Lastly, the paint color of the new casings, trims, and sills is taken into consideration.

Overall, full frame replacements are necessary when old windows are hopeless, and they are broken beyond repair.


It is much more affordable because there is no need for any rebuilding of parts. Unlike full-frame window installations, you only remove the sash, jamb liners, and hardware of the window. Pocket installations are required this when the shape of your windows are exactly square and in good condition. Additionally, the square opening of your window also has no problems which require a full-frame replacement.


Nail Flange

When it comes to nail flange installation, contractors will re-apply a new nail fin to your old windows. A nail fin is a thin piece of metal, that is around 1 inch away from the window and covers its whole frame.

A nail fin is usually added to the old window because customers want their windows to last longer, as it is directly inserted to the structure’s studs.

Brick Mold

Brick mold is another type of casing similar to a nail flange, that is also aimed at extending the durability of windows. Additionally, it acts as an additional frame that adds to the security of the window’s original framing.

Usually, brick mold installations are done when the homeowner wants a completely new window and don’t want to stick the normal hardwood framing. These frames are not only added for practical purposes but also stylistic ones.


Has Credible Contractors

Has Credible Contractors

Just like other companies of other industries, it is important that you only work with credible contractors for your safety and for the most optimal window installation as well. These are the different ways and standards that are used by window replacement companies to make sure that their people are reliable.

Have Referrals

As much as possible, contractors who work on window replacement services should have a lot of positive referrals. All of them have had experience replacing old windows, and their services are proven to be efficient by firsthand accounts of previous customers.

Additionally, referrals are what customers trust more in this internet-dominated world. Because of this fact, reviews of different services have become a form of marketing for many window replacement companies.

Have Licenses

No window contractor, under any company or self-employed, is allowed to operate without the required license. Additionally, any contractor with a license is sure to be a
trustworthy one because this type of certificates requires a lot of requirements.

To get the permit to work in the window replacement industry, contractors should have the certificate proving they passed the window contractor exam. Afterward, they also need to have the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) license. An EPA license, allows them to work at homes that were built before 1978 and train their fellow employees to do renovation work like them. Along with these two essentials, the contractors we pay for also have insurance and insurance acts also as a license on its own.

Has Professionalism

Professionalism refers to how a person’s personality unfolds while he is working at a window replacement company.

Being professional means that contractors do not waste a customer’s time by being punctual and going to their homes in the promised hour. Second, they go the extra mile to respond to their inquiries. Sometimes, customers may have questions before or after the actual service, and they may send messages of their inquiries outside of work hours. Window replacement employees will take minutes out of their busy schedule to give you answers through your preferred line of communication.

Lastly, professional contractors will treat the buyers with respect and always go to their homes in an appropriate uniform.

Use Good Quality Materials


Uses Good Quality Materials

By using good quality materials for installation services, we ensure that all of our customer outputs are good as well.

Frame Material

Vinyl window frames are made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which protects the home from the sun’s ultraviolet rays by imparting needed stabilizers.

Vinyl materials are great for any household because they require little maintenance. It is hard for scratches, stains, debris, and scrapes to stay in vinyl, and this means that this type of window frame is easy to clean with soap and water.

Second, it is energy efficient in the long run. Homeowners will end up saving on electrical costs because vinyl does not absorb heat and cold air in homes. When it is cold, they tend to spend a lot on insulation because the heat tends to get absorbed by window frames. Fortunately, vinyl frames prevent that.

Aluminum is a good-quality material for windows because it is durable and eco-friendly. Aluminum window frames are durable because they have a strong resistance to environmental elements such as fire, rain, and rust.

This metal is also eco-friendly because using aluminum as a window frame material means there is less timber used and less carbon footprint produced.

Timber wood is another good quality material for your window frames because it is energy efficient and stylish in terms of aesthetics. This material is energy efficient because it insulates well, meaning your home will stay cool when it is summer and warm during the colder month.

Wood is a stylish window frame because it is the most-good looking for most of our customers. Its organic-looking design fits most home styles and it is versatile when it comes to its appearance because you can easily paint over it with different colors.

Glass Options

This glass lacks transparency. When you look at it from the outside, you will not be able to see the things clearly inside because the design lets it obscure their true appearance from the naked eye.

Glue Chip
Glue chip glass has fern-like patterns distributed among the window material. It is meant to resemble a window if it was touched by Jack Frost.

This type of glass looks the way it is by using dried glue to make the snow-looking patterns.

Delta Frost
Delta Frost has a snow-like pattern, similar to a Glue chip, but the difference is that it blocks you from seeing what is on the inside of the house. Window manufacturers are able to do this by sandblasting the surface.


Why B&W LLC Makes a Great Window Replacement Company?

B&W LLC is a great window replacement company because we go beyond the bare minimum. We have several window shapes and types for you to choose from. We allow our customers different means of contacting by allowing them to reach us through phone and the internet. Lastly, we always strive to improve regularly by hiring talented people and listening to our loyal buyers.

There are many companies out there, but you cannot say that they will give you the best service there is. Why waste a beautiful home by not giving it the attention that it deserves?

We’re sure that we have all these things that you are looking for down to a tee. So click here and let’s talk about your home renovation plans!

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